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Kels & Martin

Hi, we are Kels & Martin

We LOVE our crystals. Kels is a long term sufferer of mental health issues, and has found solice in crystals and anxiety jewellery. We are delighted to share our journey with you.

Blue Jade the storm calmer

Crystal Type, Jade | 0 comments

Blue Jade is such a beautiful stone, when you wear it, or have it near, it will inspire you to see the bigger picture and not allow your problems or emotions to cause even more worry or stress.

It is a stone of peace and serenity, it will help you relax and get rid of your negative energies, it will help keep you grounded and stable and will protect you so that the negative energies that are in your life will not change the person you are. It will help you think clearly and give you a clearer vision on the path to take.

Jade will help keep you strong and stable so that you will not get carried away with the small dramas of life. it will make you realise what is worth is and which are better left alone.

With this, blue jade will help bring more trust, patience, faith and respect into your relationships.

Blue Jade is AMAZING at helping with stress related illness, so perfect if you are suffering with Anxiety.


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