Dive into the world of crystal healing with our comprehensive “52 Emotional Wellness Crystal Set.

This digital collection of emotional wellness crystal cards is designed to enhance your meditation, therapy sessions, and personal growth, focusing on emotional balance and harmony.

Each card in the set showcases a stunning, high-definition image of a crystal, carefully chosen for its healing properties. The vibrant and clear images bring the beauty and details of each crystal to life, making your healing journey visually enriching.


Every card focuses on a specific emotional or mental wellness topic, such as stress relief, energy boost, or love enhancement. This targeted approach helps you easily find the right crystal for your current needs.


Get a concise overview of each crystal’s key characteristics and healing properties. This summary provides essential information at a glance, aiding in quick selection and understanding.

Positive Outcome

Discover the potential benefits and positive outcomes associated with each crystal. This feature helps you set intentions and visualise your emotional wellness goals.

3 Crystal Synergies

Each card suggests three crystals that work well together, offering a powerful combination for your healing and meditation practices.


To enhance your healing experience, every card includes positive affirmations related to the crystal and its emotional healing properties. These affirmations are designed to foster a deeper connection with the crystal’s energy and your personal wellness journey.

aThis set is perfect for individuals and professionals alike: Whether you’re a seasoned therapist, a healing practitioner, or someone exploring the path of self-discovery, this set is an invaluable tool for enhancing emotional wellness.

Transform your approach to emotional healing with this exquisite, informative, and interactive crystal set.


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